Tiger Reserves of Madhya Pradesh

The Government of India launched a centrally sponsored scheme, called the Project Tiger in 1973. Nine protected areas with significant tiger presence were selected for funding under this scheme. These protected areas were designated as Tiger Reserves. The nomenclature was adopted as a legal entity in the Wildlife (Protection) Act in 2006. A tiger reserve comprises a strictly protected core area (critical tiger habitat), surrounded by a buffer zone which is managed for meeting the needs of wildlife as well the local people. These areas get special grants from the Government of India, under the Project Tiger, through the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). Kanha National Park was one of the first nine Tiger Reserves in the country. At present, there are 47 Tiger Reserves, while 6 of them are in MP.

Madhya Pradesh is also known as the 'Tiger State' as it harbors nearly 20% of India's Wild Tiger Population and nearly 10% of the world's tiger population as per the current estimates.

The six Tiger Reserves in MP


Satpura Tiger Reserve Pench Tiger Reserve Kanha Tiger Reserve Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Sanjay Tiger Reserve Panna Tiger Reserve

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